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Superfruit juices – goji, noni, mangosteen, acai – not all that’s claimed?

Choice magazine recently did a feature on ‘Superfruit juices’ – the various exotic juice blends that claim miraculous anti-oxidant levels and beneficial properties. Quoted from the feature: Superfruit juices In brief So-called “superfruits” — goji, noni, mangosteen and açai — are rich sources of antioxidants, but some of the marketing hype exaggerates the benefits of […]

MILK – The desk I must have!

It’s not often I get really excited about office furniture. But it just happened! Got MILK? This is the ultimate in minimalist cool functional office computer desk and I want one NOW! As these desks are from Denmark, NOW isn’t going to happen for a while. So, a MILK desk is going on my official […] – Web 2.0 WordPress Guide

Here in the Blogging for Fun and Profit corner of my blog, I feature training programs and systems that I know you can use to generate profits from blogging, while having great fun at the same time. Today I am featuring information about Alex Sysoef’s Web 2.0 Wealth System. This guy is a WordPress blog […]

Mark Joyner confesses – “I’m an official blogging moron.”

Here in the ‘Blogging for Fun and Profit’ corner of my blog, something amazing has just happened that I must tell you about immediately! I have just read something I never imagined it was possible to read… Mark Joyner confessing he’s a newbie blogging moron!! Buwawaaahaahahahaha!! That’s hysterical, given that Mr Joyner has the distinction […]

where to find a fantastic share investment education and learning for the new and beginning value investor

Just this week, I created a new public Google Group titled “Warren Buffett Value Investing“. Click the link to visit and join the group. This morning it occurred to me that new members joining the group will be at various different levels of knowledge and experience when it comes to investing in shares and engaging […]

Value Investing – ‘The Warren Buffett Way’

This article is primarily a review of the book ‘The Warren Buffett Way’ by Robert G. Hagstrom. The purpose of this review is to introduce you to the fundamentals of value investing, as practiced by Warren Buffett and described in ‘The Warren Buffett Way – Investment Strategies of the World’s Greatest Investor’, an incredible book […]