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Twitter Updates for 2008-01-30

Clearing the past week of trapped specimens from my server side spam quarantine The last seven days were very heavy spam days. # Interesting to see the unique recipient addresses I used to sign up with certain big name Internet marketers creeping onto spammers lists. # Any Aussie web developers interested in taking to me […]

Twitter Updates for 2008-01-29

"Big Blue" wins CYCA Mt Gay Rum Division 2 Monday twilight race by 1s. ahead of Superfine, 6s. ahead of series leader Kookaburra. HooYaar! # Updated my personal bio page at BlogAndGrow Find out who I think I am and what I think I’m on about. # @emilychang F’Quit Firefox is a frequent action […]

Twitter Updates for 2008-01-27

Goodness gracious, according to I am the only Twitterer east of Anzac Parade, Sydney for its entire length. Wow. # Looks like almost all Twitter peeps in Sydney, just put location as "Sydney" so you’re all located in CBD. How about some suburban pride? # Wondering why @twittervision doesn’t provide a link from people’s […]

Twitter Updates for 2008-01-25

Reported SSL connectivity failures on ports 465 and 995 to my ISP. They replied telling me my phone line isn’t filtered correctly. Clueless. # @Danacea Thanks was for letting me off the hook. When I suggested assistance then backed off I felt a certain sense of stinginess. Next time # @Joelcomm Thanks for that. As […]

Twitter Updates for 2008-01-24

Queen – A Kind of Magic video on FoxyTunes – I believe in magic of a certain kind – Serendipity # @lachlanhardy I read your post, then read the Microsoft dev page, but I didn’t grok it, so didn’t post. Just read Gustafson. Now I grok it. # @lachlanhardy If I use a DOCTYPE, […]

Apologies re: AdWords Ads Now Free? B.S. or Brilliance? You Decide.

It seems that a new breakthrough secret is all you now need in order to get your Google AdWords pay-per-clicks FREE! Or so it appeared. I posted the sales letter from the site here thinking sounded intriguing. I didn’t have the spare $97 to buy the eBook myself right away and review it properly. So […]

Twitter Updates for 2008-01-23

Doing my October-December quarterly Business Activity Statement for the Australian tax office. PayPal CSV export. Data entry delight! Yay. # @KeithBurtis Simple Zen notebook can certainly help solve GTD & time-crunch, check ZTD, it is already working for me! # @Warlach Short answer: NSW is only state private citizen can have pet primates, but […]

Twitter Updates for 2008-01-22

@aDB What did you need to do to earn $30 from emailcash? I’m always interested in ROE (E=Effort) for such things. # ****Whoooooaaahh**** I put waaaay too much chilli on my noodles! # Hi @firehorse88, I like your evolving blog 🙂 I just signed up for your TopSpots list, see "The AdWord$ MoneyMap" # […]

Twitter Updates for 2008-01-21

We on "Big Blue" finished in 5th place in tonight’s CYCA yacht race on Sydney Harbour. First time I have flown spinnaker in a Twilight race. # Hoping we can get a 1st or 2nd place next week, to keep "Big Blue" up in 2nd place in Division 2 for the CYCA Mt Gay Monday […]

Twitter Updates for 2008-01-20

Wondering who else uses to watch new release films for free, TV from around the world? Do they license the films or is it pirated? # “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Leonardo DaVinci. Just bought "Zen to Done" by Leo Babauta I will review. # @KeithBurtis Thanks for the recommendation. Will check out […]