About BlogAndGrow

So what is BlogAndGrow about?

BlogAndGrow is a creation of Bradley C Hughes.

BlogAndGrow is primarily a work of personal exploration. I intend to provide an information aggregation and commentary service on several specific niches.

One of my strengths is my ability to traverse the boundless sea of human generated information, beaming in on golden shafts of pure insight, filtering out the random cacophony of the ordinary everyday racketing emitted by people as they communicate from sub-optimal states.

Wherever there is true flow occurring, I hungrily seek it out, assimilate it and document it in my exhaustive digital, physical and mental archives.I thrill with the wonder of all the golden waves of greatest human insight; that intelligent star stuff coalesced into human communications.

BlogAndGrow is in some tiny way an attempt at gathering it all into a coherent structure and sharing that repository of accumulated knowledge with my fellow humans, along with my own modest insights, wherever I perceive they may add some value to the greater insights of others.

The tone and content is intended to be predominantly positive,  inspirational and happy.

There are occasions when I will focus on an apparent negative, critical aspect of someone or something, and this will always be with an intention to server the greater good of us all.

BlogAndGrow.com will generate a modest amount of revenue from a variety of monetization methods that will be implemented, tested and refined as this blog evolves. Revenue for BlogAndGrow will be generated either directly through various offers I might make, or indirectly as a result of clicking on sponsored links.

I am declaring this to be completely up-front and transparent. There are no hidden agendas here.

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