Bradley C Hughes

Bradley C Hughes – Who am I?

I appreciate a measured, powerful and spiritual approach to life.

That is my theoretical idea about how I approach life.

However, I have a tendency towards impulsive, even occasionally obsessive behaviour, so I am constantly needing to remind myself of my chosen values and principles and re-ground myself in them.

I am an amateur philosopher, a jack of many trades, journeyman in a couple, aiming to become a master of one thing.

That one thing above all else that I am committed to mastering is to live a life of growth, emotional, intellectual, phsyical and spiritual growth.Through the pursuit of knowledge, learning, understanding self and others, I hope to achieve the objective of “Veritas”.

I have been a netizen (Internet citizen) since 1989 (my newbie days) when I was a first year Bachelor of IT student @ UTS. I first participated in online forums on FidoNET BBS systems @ 300 baud in 1988).

My personal Entregreeneur blog was my first WordPress install.I am a self-employed Internet marketing consultant. I am also a local government Councillor at Randwick City Council, in Sydney, Australia.

I have a keen interest in health and nutrition and I engage that interest by marketing a range of nutritious food supplements, pure organic essential oils and related natural personal care products.

Philosophical and political discourse, or good old fashioned wrangling over ideas is a passtime. I like good coffee and conversation in cafes, walking in parks or by the ocean, appreciating live music, bargain hunting at markets, attending festivals and visiting galleries and museums.

I’m passionate about true democracy, social justice, peace and ecological sustainability. I have an active interest in sustainable living solutions, with a long term plan of establishing a permaculture-based rural estate for my future family.

I am one who achieves abundance through practising ethical, ecologically friendly, sustainable enterprise with integrity and goodwill toward all.

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