A few thoughts on enlightened persistence

A few thoughts on Enlightened Persistence… Ever heard of a heavy metal band called Anvil? Last night I watched a documentary about them made in 2008, about how they almost cracked the heavy metal rock-star gateway to millions in 1984, but they didn’t quite make it, just some strange situation about not quite being in […]

Robert Aitken Roshi’s Ten Grave Precepts of Zen Buddhism

The Ten Precepts of Zen Buddhism are: 01. no killing 02. no stealing 03. no misuse of sex 04. no lying 05. no dealing in drugs 06. no speaking of faults of others 07. no praising yourself while abusing others 08. no sparing the Dharma assets 09. no indulgence in anger 10. no defaming the […]

‘virtual currency’ to ‘real currency’, a very sweet business if you can build one

Coin of the Realm, revisited Posted on April 2, 2008 by Kaiser Kuo at Olgivy Digital Watch China covers a story on the issues surrounding virtual currency called QQ coins, and the potential impacts of its trade into Yuan (RMB).My comment on this: ‘virtual currency’ to ‘real currency’, a very sweet business if you can […]

Iatrogenesis in mainstream medicine versus iatrogenesis in alternative medicine

Iatrogenesis means “to bring forth (by a healer)” and generically refer to both positive and negative effects.  In practise, the term is used almost exclusively in the negative context and I shall use it thus henceforth. Consider that Iatrogenesis is the third highest cause of death in the USA. That is, deaths resulting from mainstream […]