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I am worried about my behaviour

I have been obsessing about my blog. The past two nights I have stayed up past 3am tweaking it, reading other people’s blogs, writing comments, Digging, Stumbling, Twittering. All verbs which to 99% of the people who know me would think I was digging holes in the dark while chirping manically to myself. They would […]

The 1-Step Way to Becoming A Comment Leader

“Before we discuss your role as a commenter, you should know that there are many ways in which you can actually hurt your ‘brand’ by commenting on other sites. Please keep in mind the following three basic principles of commenting before we move on…” from Guest Post: Muhammad Saleem Here’s the comment I wote […]

5 Great WordPress Desktop Blogging Tools

“I hate the WordPress post editor. In fact, I’m not too fond of the entire admin area, but I love wordpress as a whole package. But with these 5 desktop blogging tools, I now love WordPress all over again.” – James Thomas, This posting by James was very helpful. It turns out that I […]

Top 10 Internet Business Resolutions for 2008 by Joel Comm

I happened to notice that Joel Comm has started Twittering. So I, BMS, Followed him. Then I saw his Tweet about this top 10 list he has done. If you have no idea what I am talking about, click the links when you’re finished with this post. So, here is Joel’s list of Top 10 […] – Web 2.0 WordPress Guide

Here in the Blogging for Fun and Profit corner of my blog, I feature training programs and systems that I know you can use to generate profits from blogging, while having great fun at the same time. Today I am featuring information about Alex Sysoef’s Web 2.0 Wealth System. This guy is a WordPress blog […]

Mark Joyner confesses – “I’m an official blogging moron.”

Here in the ‘Blogging for Fun and Profit’ corner of my blog, something amazing has just happened that I must tell you about immediately! I have just read something I never imagined it was possible to read… Mark Joyner confessing he’s a newbie blogging moron!! Buwawaaahaahahahaha!! That’s hysterical, given that Mr Joyner has the distinction […]