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A few thoughts on enlightened persistence

A few thoughts on Enlightened Persistence… Ever heard of a heavy metal band called Anvil? Last night I watched a documentary about them made in 2008, about how they almost cracked the heavy metal rock-star gateway to millions in 1984, but they didn’t quite make it, just some strange situation about not quite being in […]

‘virtual currency’ to ‘real currency’, a very sweet business if you can build one

Coin of the Realm, revisited Posted on April 2, 2008 by Kaiser Kuo at Olgivy Digital Watch China covers a story on the issues surrounding virtual currency called QQ coins, and the potential impacts of its trade into Yuan (RMB).My comment on this: ‘virtual currency’ to ‘real currency’, a very sweet business if you can […]

letter to a friend regarding respect for intellectual property rights

Hi Y, That page link you sent me gives every appearance of being a post-payment product delivery page. If it is a post-payment product delivery page, supposed to be accessible only for people who have paid for that material, to take that material would be theft. If that’s the case, can you please NOT send […]

Top 10 Internet Business Resolutions for 2008 by Joel Comm

I happened to notice that Joel Comm has started Twittering. So I, BMS, Followed him. Then I saw his Tweet about this top 10 list he has done. If you have no idea what I am talking about, click the links when you’re finished with this post. So, here is Joel’s list of Top 10 […]

Implementing the framework and principles of Namaste Economics in your life

Serena Scarlett Says: November 11th, 2007 at 5:50 am Namaste looks excellent. It fits with my values and approaches to life and business and I will most definitely be sharing this with others too. What is the best way for me to introduce it to my employers? Dear Serena, Thank you so much for your […]

Thumbs up for a timely meme : Namaste Economics

Namaste Economics is a term that describes a set of economic princples defining the path of conscious business. Anywhere I see the word “integrity” used in the opening paragraph of an explanation of something, my mind instantaneously jumps to a higher quantum state. No doubt this is a response to the deep imprinting of Landmark […]