A few thoughts on enlightened persistence

A few thoughts on Enlightened Persistence… Ever heard of a heavy metal band called Anvil? Last night I watched a documentary about them made in 2008, about how they almost cracked the heavy metal rock-star gateway to millions in 1984, but they didn’t quite make it, just some strange situation about not quite being in […]

On The Turning Away: Pale Blue Dot (Carl Sagan)

On The Turning Away: Pale Blue Dot (Carl Sagan) Further inspiring imagery, set to the moving heartfelt song by Pink Floyd “On The Turning Away”, with text of words by Carl Sagan. A must-see-and-think-about-experience.

Carl Sagan – Pale Blue Dot

Carl Sagan – Pale Blue Dot Beautiful imagery to accompany Carl Sagan’s insightful words on the tiny blip in the universe that we are. Our home, planet earth, the pale blue dot, so insignificant on a cosmological scale, but it’s everything to us humans, our only possible home, so let’s care well for it.

Inspiration – Team Hoyt – I CAN!

Team Hoyt – I CAN! If you ever dare tell yourself you can’t do something, if you ever presume to pity yourself and say it’s all just too hard. WATCH THIS, WEEP WITH INSPIRATION AND SHOUT “I CAN!!!”